The Venum "Elite" Kumite Karate gi is made of a brand new innovative polyester canvas. With its 350 grams jacket, the Venum "Elite" Kumite Karate gi is one of the lightest gis on the market.
Exclusively designed by Venum after extensive research based on experience and feedback from athletes all around the world. Notably tested by Kenji Grillon - 2 times World and European Champion - the Venum "Elite" Kumite Karate gi is ultra fluid, easy to move and benefits from honeycomb aeration features.
This Venum "Elite" gi is approved by the World Karate Federation, it is ideal for Kumite, witch requires high speed and active motion.


  • WKF approved.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Ultra resistant and light 5.3oz jacket designed to improved Kumite practice.
  • Inner honeycomb lining: lightweight highly absorbent fabric.
  • Elastic waist with drawstring.
  • Inner decorated liner.
  • Venum logos on back and chest.
  • Venum Elite patches sewn with silver thread.
  • Comes with its personnal lightweight backpack.
  • Brand : Venum

Venum Elite Kumite Gi - WKF Approved

  • This is the Venum Elite Kumite Karate Gi.

    A perfect gi for any competitor.  WKF approved for tournament use world wide.