Welcome to our school.  Richmond Dojo was established by Sensei Con Sklavounos in 1983 who continues today to teach and develop students of all ages.

Our schools, Richmond and Coburg Dojos boast a high standard of karate and competition success. Our dedication is to the development of our students through hard training and focus on an excellent standard.

Join us, and come along to try our classes.


​​Richmond Dojo

Mondays and Thursdays

5 pm - 6 pm Junior & 6 pm - 8 pm Senior

Coburg Dojo

Monday to Friday 5 pm - 7 pm Junior & 7 pm to 9 pm Senior

Saturdays - special training including squad training



Our focus and hard work in development of correct technique; long low stances; strength, posture and knowledge, through constant practice is of paramount importance to us.

This high standard is evident in the three components of karate training demonstrated by our students in Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) & Kumite (fighting) and the continual success at competition.



Students build and develop skills through set fighting sequences. Developing set attack & defence routines to improve accuracy; hand-eye co-ordination; power; and speed.

This development of set fighting leads onto set free fighting routines which then progress to free fighting including, self defence and competition karate.


Conditioning and strength is an integral part of our training as it supports the high standard of karate practised at our school.

More importantly, conditioning and fitness training helps our students lead fit and healthy lives with strong minds and bodies.



Teaching Traditional Karate in Richmond (Vic) since 1983

The Richmond Dojo was established by Sensei Con Sklavounos who has practised and taught karate from a very young age and continues his dedication and love for the sport today.

Our school is not a business, hence our long lasting presence in Richmond. We intentionally keep student numbers low focusing on student development and excellence unlike other schools who compromise quality for numbers to maintain their business.

We are passionate about the art of karate and passing on our knowledge to loyal students who want to work hard.

We take great satisfaction and pride in our student's achievements.





Kyoto Butokuden - where it all began

'The Great Martial Virtues Association of Japan' founded in 1895 and the Butokuden built 1899 served as headquarters for all Japan's famous martial arts.  It is where Kendo, Iaido, Judo, Aikido, and Karate all took their modern forms.

The Butokuden is used by all Japanese martial arts for their training, competitions and exhibitions.
Opening with the national anthem prior to an Iaido tournament.

Butokuden Kyoto is where Gichin Funakoshi first demonstrated toudi-jutsu the Okinawan martial art with Chinese roots. The practice was then standardised to what is now karate.



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